Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wednesday, February 06, 2008
For some reason I love old teapots and their various shapes and sizes. In fact I think I love all old kitchenalia (is that the right term?)


siagrafica said...

kitchenalia - I love that term! and I like these doodles.

I like {old} teapots too... when I'm doodling, there's always a teapot involved!

Jessica said...

I love this piece!

nice-etc said...

hehe i can see why you enjoyed the heart shaped teacup shown on my blog! thanks for you comment. i just recently realized you have a blog, and i'm enjoying it very much!


design for mankind. said...

I LOOOOOVE this! Is it for sale??? :)

Jo said...

lovely drawings, and i do no know if that is a word...but now it is, i am adopting it too