Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trainers...sneakers and kicks too

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
I really like these TST and these Nike trainers (sneakers...kicks...runners...so many names!).

I'm a bit torn between really bright retro styled trainers and neutral simple pumps. I like the idea of wearing both with little summery dresses, so the choice is between coloured and patterned (may clash with dress prints) or neutral...which to choose??

I think these are my faves so far though... they appeal to my inner graphic designer :)


Paris said...

I really like the black ones with the pink nike tick. And I love the word 'sneaker' I don't know why! it would be cool to see you do an illustration for these! Thank you so so much for your wonderful comments. I really do appreciate your words of advice and comfort. I just need to figure out where I go from here :) xx

aziza said...

I love the last one and the one with the green swoosh. So nice. Unfortunately I don't have anything green.

Kate said...

Ooh me too, I've got a thing for checker patterns at the moment!