Friday, July 04, 2008

Little like me

Friday, July 04, 2008
Words can't explain how much I want these tiny little vases...everything in my life seems to be made up of things on the smaller scale, I think maybe I was a lego person (or possibly a smurf although I'm not quite Smurfette in nature) in a previous life?!

I'm sorry, in my slightly befuddled state I've forgotten which blog I originally saw these on, if anyone knows please let me know and linkage will be done!


sandra said...

oh they are perfect. yesterday i saw a puppy that was the smallest i've ever seen, it was like a miniature of a really small dog. almost a lego dog ;)

Kate said...

Agreed, they're perfect! The stones with legs on her website are cute beyond words as well.

Carlene said...

Yes, perfect! I love these.

Carla Morais said...

I read your words in this post with the strange feeling they could've been mine. The vases are beautifuly precious!

littlemithi said...


Where can I buy one of these??????
(says the 5foot tall girl)

Andrea said...

Oh, that is just perfection!! I want it too!!

lorix5 said...

oh, i know, i think i saw them on elle decoration sa. i found you through through the comments there, we both commented on the same thing. beautiful drawings btw. i'll be back.
peace + love