Monday, July 27, 2009


Monday, July 27, 2009
I've had a bit of a disheartening weekened that has made me question the whole concept of sharing my work on the internet. Thankfully, I'm in better spirits now and have come to the conclusion that without all of the lovely readers and communities this whole situation wouldn't have been brought to my attention in the first place so there is no way I'm going to let this stop me!

I was emailed by Nina (who has a fabulous blog by the way) who alerted me to a shop in Sweden called Lagerhaus, which is selling products with blatant copies of my illustrations on them.

They say that imitation is like flattery but when you're in that situation yourself it's very hard to see it that way! So I'm taking action as I type but if anyone has any other pointers they would be most appreciated :)

A big thank you to everyone who has sent messages of support too, it has restored my faith! xxx


iva yaneva said...

Ugh! I hate it when such people make the artists mad or make them stop doing what they love. Hope that everything ends well, so sorry you had to experience something like this. xo

Kate said...

Oh poor you, it's such a blatant copy. And poorly executed. Hope you get some compensation.
Love the MJ design by the way.

suzewearsshoes said...

Oh no that sucks! Good on you for deciding not to stop sharing though. I think there will always be people who try to take advantage of things like this, but there are also so many readers who love seeing your work. Good luck with it all x

Hannah Evelyn said...

this is so bloody annoying :(
i don't understand why people do this .. (well apart from not wanting to pay the artist) it's good you are going to take action and not just let it be. And your original is much much sweeter anyway. Good luck :) x

conversationpieces said...

That really does suck. I can understand the sinking/sick feeling you get when you come across something that is quite clearly a rip-off of your work – I've had it done to me both as a journalist and a copywriter. Not nice at all. You totally have to wonder how on earth someone thinks it's ok to do that?

So best of luck with whatever your plan is... but don't let them spoil you sharing your work – my work day would certainly be a little less brighter without seeing your cute illustrations. x

Poppy said...

I commented on this on flickr about how much of a disgrace it is. But I am glad it won't stop you sharing your things online. your little birds' smiles make my day. =]
I tweeted at you on Twitter in response to you asking if anyone lived near a Lagerhaus. While I live in North Yorkshire, I have a friend who lives in Stockholm, would you like me to ask her?
- Poppy. x

krys kirkpatrick said...

Well, having experienced this myself. You have to let them know you are aware of the infringement. Then use this to be better. You just have to let the enthusiasm of you be expressed in your work, that..essence cannot be duplicated or copied.

Rhiannon said...

You poor thing! It sucks that this sort of thing happens, and sadly it seems to be getting all the more common :(

I just hope that you're able to resolve this issue as soon as possible

ArtDesigNature said...

I've been following your blog for about 6 months now and adore those lovely birds [and shoes...] Hope karma bites the copycat in the *%#!

Montreal, Canada

ALPHA said...

If I were you, I'd find the email of the company and email them links to your blog (which serve as copyright dates proving you'd done it before the did) and let them know, although you are flattered, you have not been paid for the work. Kindly ask to be compensated for your illustrations.

I know it's a bit forward, but I know a guy who showed his portfolio to an advertising agency, and the same thing happened. A few years later they copied one of his idea and he asked for compensation. They were so embarressed they couldn't refuse.

Good Luck!!

Helen said...

Wow, how insane! I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Please update us, and let us know what kind of progress you make. I think it's good for everyone to be aware that this happens, and how best to handle it.

Good luck, Kate. Chin up. We know your little doodles are the real little doodles.


Caroline said...

Absolutely disgusting. Since I'm sure they've already sold some of the wares, they know owe you compensation. But what a hassle for you to have to clean up a mess they created.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Aggh the Sw+nes (think 'flu)!! I love your lovely birdies, and been following your blog for ages. Cor it really gets my goat how dare they!
I agree with ALPH you embarrass the heck out of them. And great stuff that you aren't going to let it put you off! The rest of us just love your birdies and your blog.


. . . . . vanessa joie said...

Their response was "imitation is flattery"? Seriously? So stealing is flattery too? I really don't get people like that. I wish I had some advice but I have none... I hope it works out.

Mishy Lane said...

Totes not cool.

Cathy said...

I was very upset on your behalf when I read about the theft and useage of your designs. I think this sort of behaviour is appalling but I fear it goes on all too often. I wonder how many other designers images are being churned out in the Far East and elsewhere. With the Internet it is now so easy to obtain other peoples' work. I hope you are able to get something done about it.

Momma Owl said...

i cannot believe someone would commit such a blatant act of plagiarism...your art is so sweet and lovely, and it makes me so mad that someone's stealing it!! go get 'em girl!

tiffanyandink said...

I would really talk to a lawyer to send a cease & desist letter to them.

The Berne Convention is an international agreement on copyright law. Read about it on Wikipedia here:

I am a calligrapher and just got word of two other calligraphers that have done a similar thing. One even goes as far as to claim they designed the latest Barbie Logo!!! They've taken another calligraphers work, loaded it in InDesign and brushed it up and made it look as if it were their own. Very frustrating!

Good luck to you. I'm so sorry this has happened. I'd love to hear about any outcome.