Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birds with Beards

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Any other beardy suggestions? (I have a few more up my sleeve)


Poppy said...

One could have a really long Santa-esque beard that trails out in front of it, and another bird is all wrapped up in it like a giant scarf.
I might just squeal with delight if this picture happened to appear in your blog. ^_^

little-a said...

I am bird girl (**antony and the johnsons ;) )

i love all your birds!!
realy amasing !!!

I added you to my 'blogs i like'


Danielle said...

ooooh I wonder if you could doodle one with an artsy goatee of some sort

Vanilla Teapot said...

your illustrations always guarantee a smile on my face, thanks! :)ox

julie mack said...

Maybe a braided viking beard? soul patch & chops? :D

natasha said...

Soul patch, for sure.

Conversation Pieces said...

Love love love these. Birds with beards is making me totally grin! :D

Anonymous said...

Pleeeease put the two birds with beards prints on etsy?