By LittleDoodles - 9:48 AM

I'm very proud to announce the launch of the Little Doodles greetings card range! It's something I've been working on with the lovely gals over at Art Press for the past year now and I am so happy to be able to share the final results with you...

They're printed on lovely thick textured cardstock (as a paper nerd, they're "ooh" to touch)

Each card comes with a kraft paper envelope, again for the paperoholics out there, I think we all go weak at the knees for kraft papery things (no? just me?!)

I have my own price code :)

Hopefully I will be able to post more pictures within the next few days (as well as some as the other artists of the Art Press family including the wonderful Polly Wreford) but if any one wants more information please feel free to email me or the lovely gals at Art Press

ps. for all of you letterpress lovers...keep your eyes peeled (hint hint)

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