Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Think Pink

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Images from The Room, Spring 2010, Cato Van Ee by Emilio Tini

I don't recall going though a pink phase when I was little.  I was the proud owner of a Barbie shop (a sign of a shop owner in the making perhaps?) but even that wasn't completely pink, plus an incident with my sister, scissors and my favourite doll quickly created an aversion to all things Barbie.

However,  the other week I had an almighty craving for a bright pink Pink Panther strawberry chocolate bar from my childhood, which sadly disappeared from sweet shops (probably down to the neon colour and the "bad food for children" police).  I think it was meant to taste of strawberry but it actually tasted pink, much like blue ice lollies taste blue.  So by way of overcoming the craving I've been on the hunt for some other nice pink bits and pieces to satisfy me.

They're no choccie bar but equally lovely in my eyes.


blue eyed night owl said...

Such a sad story...
But I do adore the brogues! Nice post;)

elenoir said...


Amelia said...

i've never been too big a fan of the pink but now i'm majorly craving those brogues, i like the idea of a barbie shop! the only big toy like that that i ever had was a post office which i don't really quite understand why it i owned although according to my parents i asked for it persistently until they finally relented perhaps i have a future career in the postal world? haha

love from amelia of la ville inconnue

Handmade by Emily said...

What a gorgeous collection

, said...

inspiring things