My Little London: Out of Town

By Kate Wilson - 10:10 AM

This shop find for My Little London was a bit of an unexpected one.  It was the plan chest in the window that caught my eye...I'm a sucker for vintage office furniture and as soon as I saw it I placed it in my  dream studio (one so vast and filled with things I've seen I don't think my brain could hold much more). 
The second thing I noticed?  A chalk board with some tasty delights, then a shiny shiny coffee machine and a very cosy looking set of tables and chairs.  So already that's most of my favourite things ticked off on my list.  The brightly coloured, tasseled lucite lampshades sealed the deal.

Walking around the rest of the shop was just as delightful.  Filled with vintage items from toys, to photographs, to furniture, Out of Town pretty much stocks everything you would need to create a beautiful interior.  In fact, the owners Peter and Sean Leonard explained they wanted to create a space where they could sell everything wonderful that they came across that they couldn't fit into their own homes!  I love this way of thinking, you know that each piece has been carefully considered and bought with the thought of it actually fitting seamlessly into a room.

 The name "Out of Town" is a reference to the much loved television programme of the same name.  The presenter Jack Hargreaves, would talk about all matters of country and rural pursuits without being overly sentimental or nostalgic and most importantly it was always from from the comfort of his 'shed.' 

As Peter told me "we have, hopefully, created a room which could be anybodies own private space....a shed, study or corner of a living room where surrounded by your favorite things you can be at ease, relax, read the papers, have a coffee or just waste time!"

I came away with these two gems, both catalogues from the grandest of the London department stores Fortnum and Mason.

Dainty dessert biscuit anyone?

Out of Town
30c Great Sutton Street EC1 

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