Step by step

By Kate Wilson - 7:01 PM

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything of late.  Despite telling myself before Christmas that I had to start listening to my body and take time out, I seem to have gone the opposite way, I always have had a bad sense of direction. 

I don't really like the term workaholic so let's just say that I have trouble switching off from work, especially when my workplace is also my home.  So I'm at a point where I'm feeling tired, lost and I think I'm in need of a new direction.

Feeling very run down makes life a bit tricky so I'm going to try and take little day by day steps so I can take pleasure in things I once enjoyed.  I don't want to moan, especially when I try to keep my blog lighthearted so thank you for sticking with this slightly rambling post.

I suppose it's little bird sized steps for me!


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