What's in your bag?

By Unknown - 1:52 PM

A quick guide to what you should really be carrying during fashion week...

1. Foghorn : one too many free cocktails and you've locked yourself in the loo, send for help!
2. Pencil : make sure it's sharpened and it's eternally useful to poke people in your way when trying to squeeze into a show crowd.
3. Cronut : equally useful for getting into a show, mainly for bribery purposes if you don't have a ticket
4. Haribo : essential nutrition.
5. Coconut : emergency refreshment or to throw at anyone blocking your catwalk view by taking photos with their iPad.
6. Torn out pic of Harry Styles : Feeling a bit rough and don't want to be photographed? Instagram a close up of this saying you've spotted him & a location and within ten minutes you'll be surrounded by paps and screaming girls.  Make a quick getaway unnoticed.
7. Notepad and lipstick : Make a sign to wave about during a show live stream.  Someone watching at home in their pyjamas will send help.
8. Cat in a hat : Tired of being upstaged by others in front of street style photographers?  Bring a kitten in a hat, Tumblr will love it.

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