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By LittleDoodles - 11:07 AM

Whilst I try I recover from the evil tooth and take a break from work, I thought I'd share with you the latest project I've worked on. I don't know why I haven't posted about this yet (or have I? I've found myself getting increasingly forgetful about what work I've posted and what work I haven't!). I was asked to create the cover illustrations and layout for Matches latest look book (and hopefully later, their customer catalogue) for their "Spy" brand. It was pretty much a dream job, I spent time looking at everything they sell (unfortunately out of my price range but wonderful nonetheless) and creating some really intricate pieces based around them.

The book was choc full of everything they sell, these pages were my favourite just because it was a pure showcase for all of their new products...some of which I was particularly happy to see like David David whose kaleidoscopic work is a pleasure to the eyes.

And they were kind enough to give me a lovely credit at the end...always a plus, although it's strange seeing your name in print!

ps. I apologise for the slightly fuzzy photos, I have a birthday coming up very soon and think I may treat myself to a new camera...any recommendations?

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