A flowery weekend

By LittleDoodles - 12:38 PM

The perfect weekend, celebrating fathers day, starting with breakfast here

(it's apple and carrot by the way)

Which was followed by a lovely stroll around the Marylebone summer fayre. Marylebone is a wonderful area to walk around any time of the year but during this one day fayre all of the restaurants and cafes spill out on to the street and open up stalls offering their wares.

Plus it was the first outing for...ta da...the new camera! I opted for the Canon which came highly remommended (thank you everyone for the help!) so here are the obligatory flower photos that have to be taken with a new camera :)

And finally, carrying on with the floral theme, of all of the Marimekko collaborations, this one has to be one of my favourites

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