What's really in my bag

By LittleDoodles - 1:04 PM

I'm marveling at the amount of junk I actually carry around with me every day.  This is most of it...

The contents include a lone sock, various lipsticks, loose change, a coffee loyalty card, chewing gum, random beads and crystals, an ink cartridge, the metal cover for the rubber of a mechanical pencil, the earbud from some broken headphones, a multi vitamin, tic tacs, a necklace, a broken brooch (the pin has disappeared but will no doubt injure me when I come across it in the near future), a plastic spoon, lots of receipts, a label from a jumper, trusty notepad and favourite pen, a stripey pencil from New York, a head band, loose thread and button and my purse (which contains more loose change and even more receipts)

You can see the doodle in all of its cluttered glory here

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