Not living up to your name

By Kate Wilson - 3:36 PM

So, I realised I haven't really lived up to the name of my blog. When I started I had the intention of sharing my illustrations with everyone, excitedly scanning in my work and posting it for everyone to see. As you can see, I've been a bit of a disappointment on the sharing front, actually on the whole drawing front. I've been waiting for my last uni project to finish(and what a relief it was when I handed that in) but now I have the free time I don't seem to be making the best of it. Do you ever get that restless feeling, when you finally get around to doing something you've been waiting ages to do and then when it comes down to it all you seem to want to do is something else? Hmm, so I'm going to work on my sketchbooks for a bit, look around me for inspiration and hopefully have a wealth of doodles for everyone. My fingers are crossed!

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