Monday, November 27, 2006

Does anyone know anything about water chestnuts? I have found myself addicted to them...I think it's their crunchiness...there's something very satisfying about crunchy food!


Jessica said...

It is so funny that you say that...because it is one of my number least favorite foods and I think it is the texture. It is so funny that people have such different tastes.

Anonymous said...

I love water chestnuts in chicken spagetti ! Can't count the number of times I have served this to people and they say, " Hmm, what are these white crunchy things I am eating ?" I have to admit, I was older than dirt before I tried them or even heard of them !

Anonymous said...

Water chestnuts are great when they're cold. Leave them in the fridge and they make a really healthy Summer snack.
I use them in spring rolls for the 'crunch factor'.


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