Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh Prada, why do you tempt me so?

Please excuse me while I delude myself into thinking I can afford this


Sandra Gale said...
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Sandra Gale said...

I was embarrassed to find a typo in my first message, which was supposed to have read:
hmmm… beautiful bags to dream about

mariss said...

This is a gorgeous illustration! Wow.

bobi and bobi said...


Carlene said...

I think your illustration is just as beautiful as the bag.


hi Kate:

I've just sent you an email about winning the NOVICA gift certificate. Congratulations!

btw, you have a lovely blog here. :)

el senior x said...

got here by you flickr
your work is amazing!
and regards from argentina

zand2ohs said...

Carlene is right, great illustration.

Hazel Nicholls said...

Absolutely beautiful