Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday, August 31, 2007

Since getting my Gocco and inks (the last of which arrived this morning) I've been thinking about printing up some patterns I've been working on. Except I'm too afraid to go near my Gocco for fear of it all going wrong. Any advice out there for a Gocco novice?


Christine said...

I love my gocco! I wrote this from Craft tutorials which might help:

Jessica said...

I was worried about trying mine too, but it's fun! I need to get mine out and use it some more.

Anonymous said...

Now that screens and supplies are no longer an endangered species, have fun with it. You can't really mess it up if you use newly printed carbon based prints for masters and your bulbs work.

I have had mine for 5+ years and LOVE it.

mariss said...

This is a little late, and I hope you've already started. My advice is to just do it. I read some information on the flickr gocco group, and then bit the bullet and tested it out.

Good luck!