Hanging around in sleepy town

By Kate Wilson - 1:48 PM

It's not often that I write about myself personally on this blog. I'm not too sure why, I'm definitely not averse to sharing or divulging information about myself...it's just that I haven't! But I've come to a point where I feel the need to share and ask for some help from a community I get so much inspiration from. I've only written about it once before, a long time ago but maybe I'll explain a little more now I've moved on a bit.

I have something called m.e. or chronic fatigue, it goes by many names but to me it's something that causes exhaustion, of both body and brain! It's a strange feeling, only one I can liken to feeling a bit fuzzy, almost like a cotton wool filled brain (sounds almost sweet really!) and very tired a lot of the time. Now while I try to make the best of a bad situation by working freelance from home, which I enjoy immensly as it lets me work at my own pace and have access to all of the wonderful blogs and websites that I visit for continual inpsiration, it also makes life a little tricky sometimes.

I know that working freelance in general can be a little isolated at times but when you feel tired when you wake up and unable to go out a lot of the time it can take it's toll on a girls social life! So I'm at the point where I'm craving a little interaction, something like work experience, or even a few mornings working somewhere. However, on approaching companies and explaining my sleepy situation I tend to get a kind reply explaining I'm not really suitable (if I get a reply at all, which is understandable given the situation). I'm generally a cheery little person but at times it can get a bit draining so I'm asking for a little blogger help and advice! I know it's aiming a little high to get a dream job somewhere but does anyone have any contacts that might offer a little hand of help? I love anything to do with illustration and am passionate about fashion, design and jewellery but also have a strange love of research. I could spend hours hopping from one blog to the next researching different ideas for illustrations, collecting information/pics etc but have no idea how this would even apply to a job!

Any opinions/advice would be much appreciated. Or on a day like this a little cheer would go a long way :)

Thanks for reading a long winded slightly self indulgent post...may it be the first of many :)


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