Monday, September 01, 2008

Hanging around in sleepy town

Monday, September 01, 2008
It's not often that I write about myself personally on this blog. I'm not too sure why, I'm definitely not averse to sharing or divulging information about's just that I haven't! But I've come to a point where I feel the need to share and ask for some help from a community I get so much inspiration from. I've only written about it once before, a long time ago but maybe I'll explain a little more now I've moved on a bit.

I have something called m.e. or chronic fatigue, it goes by many names but to me it's something that causes exhaustion, of both body and brain! It's a strange feeling, only one I can liken to feeling a bit fuzzy, almost like a cotton wool filled brain (sounds almost sweet really!) and very tired a lot of the time. Now while I try to make the best of a bad situation by working freelance from home, which I enjoy immensly as it lets me work at my own pace and have access to all of the wonderful blogs and websites that I visit for continual inpsiration, it also makes life a little tricky sometimes.

I know that working freelance in general can be a little isolated at times but when you feel tired when you wake up and unable to go out a lot of the time it can take it's toll on a girls social life! So I'm at the point where I'm craving a little interaction, something like work experience, or even a few mornings working somewhere. However, on approaching companies and explaining my sleepy situation I tend to get a kind reply explaining I'm not really suitable (if I get a reply at all, which is understandable given the situation). I'm generally a cheery little person but at times it can get a bit draining so I'm asking for a little blogger help and advice! I know it's aiming a little high to get a dream job somewhere but does anyone have any contacts that might offer a little hand of help? I love anything to do with illustration and am passionate about fashion, design and jewellery but also have a strange love of research. I could spend hours hopping from one blog to the next researching different ideas for illustrations, collecting information/pics etc but have no idea how this would even apply to a job!

Any opinions/advice would be much appreciated. Or on a day like this a little cheer would go a long way :)

Thanks for reading a long winded slightly self indulgent post...may it be the first of many :)



kslaughter said...

Hi Kate,

First, know that I'm sending some little rays of sunshine your way--a precious commodity here (Belgium) and there where you are ; ). I have migraines that are debilitating to the point that I can't hold a "normal" job either--so in that point I can relate with much frustration. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your work over the months--you are incredibly talented. Your sense of humor is what I enjoy the most about your work--I can't tell you how many times my family has looked at me questioningly when I was giggling at one of your funny, sweet birds! And when someone is as gifted as you are, it's just got to work out! I really hope that some day soon someone will sort out these annoying maladies. In the mean time, just know that a lot of people are pulling for you and there will be good days, very good ones, in amongst the sleepy ones : )! All the best to you!

katie said...

if you're financially able to do it, have you considered volunteering or working for free? no one says no to free labour!

Lucy Player said...

Ugh, M.E really can be pretty grim, can't it? I was diagnosed five years ago, and am kind of dreading having to find full time work once uni is up!

But I guess as annoying as the rejection of certain places can be, you're better off to keep searching until you find somewhere really understanding. And with your talent I'm sure there's tons of places who would love to have you on board, whether your energy is 100% or 10%.

So yes, sorry I don't have any actual practical advice, hehe...

whatkatiedid said...

I'd like to second the voluntary work suggestion, I did this for a little while while I was recovering from M.E. too, it really helped to boost my confidence (and get me out of the house!)

Your post really struck a chord with me, so I'm coming out of lurkdom to comment! Wishing you all the best, from one M.E. suffering Kate to another :)

Caf said...

I suffer from a chronic pain condition called I can totally relate to feeling like all you wanna do is get out into the world and your rotten body won't let you...I don't have any advice on getting employed as it's always an extra struggle for people with any sort of disability...equal opportunity looks nice on paper :P
Anyway, I enrolled to study and found that having that sort of work to do and the inspiration that comes from learning something new really, maybe now I'll be a psychologist some day! :)
Good Luck for you in your quest xx

From Tiki with Love said...

Hi Kate!

I totally feel for you! I have struggled with feeling "off" for years now with no help and incorrect diagnoses. And I still don't know what it is thyroid, hormonal imbalance, or adrenal exhaustion?!

I am a medical illustrator and I started out working from home. That led to sleeping in until 11 am, in the cold winters of Chicago. I now am lucky enough to work from my boss's office which gets me out of the house and it's a huge help.

I just wanted to tell you - I hope you feel better and always know you are not alone out there. As much it seems that everyone else has it easy and life is unfair, I have come to the conclusion, life is unfair for everyone... and we are all in the same boat somehow.

Anonymous said...

why don't you look into the marketing departments of clothing chains like topshop? tell them that your experience as an illustrator would come in handy for any work involving their advertising and visual merchandising (like store window designs, shopping bag designs, catalogs, etc).

Meg said...

I don't really have any advice, but thank you for sharing, I really enjoy learning more about you personally. There has to be company that will appreciate your amazing talent, I'm sure you will find the perfect fit.

emsie said...

I know someone who has a M.E. , so i know a little about it. I really enjoy your work, so I'm sure you'll be very successful in whatever you find.

Kate said...

Thank you so much for all of your heartfelt comments, it really means a lot to me that people have taken time to send some little rays of sunshine my way :) And a big thank you for the suggestions too, I like the Topshop one (but that's probably the lure of a potential discount there...I'm so shallow) and voluntary work is definitely something to look into. Thank you again, sending sleepy vibes of love to everyone xxx

ed said...