So tired...

By Kate Wilson - 7:02 AM

I thought maybe I should explain a bit about myself and my current lack of inspiration. For the last year I've been suffering from something called ME or CFS (or yuppie flu for those who can remember it's first appearence, unfortunately I'm neither rich let alone working enough to be called a yuppie). This means I've had a day to day struggle with energy levels which are pretty low at the moment. Not only does this take a toll physically but also mentally, meaning a lot of the time I just don't have the energy to do the things I love. This seems to have hit me really hard when it comes to my artwork, beacuse out of everything that's what I always turned to when I wanted to relax or take some time out. Now, it can feel more like a chore when thats absolutely the last thing I want it to feel like. When you have a passion for something but not the energy to engage in it it becomes very draining which is all a bit sad really. But on the bright side, I have a new project to involve myself in but I'm a bit stuck. My mind is so muddles these days that I'm finding it tricky to get work done and find inspiration and ideas to get me going. I'm about to start my final year of my degree (Illustration) and have my major project to tackle. Now it can be absolutely anything at all...literally. We have to write our own brief, which on the one hand is good because there's so much potential but on the other hand it is sooo open that I'm scared of making the wrong choice. I'd love to make some kind of book, maybe an illsutrated catalogue for somehwre like Liberty or even a fashion shop like Topshop...maybe making it like a story book for adults? I loved the post Abigail made about Mina Perhonen's catalogue and the scans of it on flickr. What does everyone think? Any inspiratonal links would be much appreciated!!!

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