A few days away does a girl good

By Kate Wilson - 6:46 AM

I just spent the last couple of days up in Leeds for a break and a hope of getting some inspiration. First stop was the Salt Mill which holds a collection of David Hockney's art (and quite possibly the best shop I have ever been to...more on that later). I spent a good couple of hours walking around taking in all of the beautiful paintings and etchings, which completely made me want to find out how to create them. Is there a simple way of creating prints and etchings from home? And the abundance of colours was everywhere...absolutely gorgeous! Now back to the shop...not only did they sell all of the expected Hockney relate merch but also a huuuuge collection of art books, literary books even lovely cookbooks plus a great selection of art materials and a wonderful shop dedicated to homewares.

Not only that but they were also holding a small exhibition of 1950s ceramics which were so retro, the patterns were fab!

Plus the shopping was great, made even better by the atmosphere of the arcades.

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