Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I'm an unashamed slave to Starbucks (well...slightly shamed but I enjoy every minute of my coffee fix so I try not to feel guilty afterwards!) it a bit sad that I want one these?


Apryl said...

oh I must be as bad as you.. I soo want one of those.. I didn't know they exisited... earlier this year for my Husband's birthday I had my friend in Texas order one of those custom starbuck's cards for his wallet... with his fav drink... short 2 shot americano with room ... you can't order them from England sadly and thankfully the card arrived just before we were heading to the states.. its still in his wallet now.

love the coffee cups!

Rose said...

Oh me too! I have tried other places but it's just not the same. I hate all those articles that tell you that the way to become a millionaire is just to stop your daily coffee (or in my case chai tea latte). It's not going to make me a millionaire and the pleasure and de stressing that my hot cup of loveliness give are worth every penny!
Do you think we'll get gold cards in the UK though, we seem to miss out on some stuff

Caf said...

i love love love my coffee...and will drink it from Starbucks as a last resort...but feel an extra bit of satisfaction with my sipping if I know it's fair trade or I'm supporting a little independent cafe :)

Nina said...

I'd like drink one of your fab cups.
I dream into your drawings.


Michelle Alyssa Mae said...

oh no! this is the cutest thing since hello kitty!

i wrote a little article about your illustrations, and I'll be adding your blog- I also have my eye on your dainty little bag-o-birds!

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