A little outpouring...

By LittleDoodles - 5:51 PM

It's not often I write about "personal" things on my blog. I suppose it's becuase it's a place I like to keep cheery and happy but sometimes it's a good outlet for an outpouring that has to be made! As some of my readers might know, I have something called M.E, or chronic fatigue, which makes me a generally exhuasted person. Being a freelancer, this suits me well most of the time because I can work at my own pace (not to mention from bed with the trusty mac book) but at others it can be isolating and frustrating. It's a bit of a battle between mind and body, wanting to go out and be social and then having to constantly disappoint yourself when your body just says no. Lately I think it's been getting to me more and more, I think I've been under a gloomy little cloud for a while and turned into a very shy person. To be honest I'm not quite sure what direction to move in. I was considering getting a studio to work in so I could meet new people but then considered the travel aspect & lugging all of my junk (I mean essential equipment) to and from and whether I would be able to cope. I looked at a few jewellery courses too but they tend to run all day and I don't know whether I would cope with those either. Or possibly a half day internship somewhere is the way to go? It all feels like a bit of a tricky conundrum! So lovely readers, do you have any suggestions?

Ok, tired and emotional ramble over...back to nice doodles :)

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