Friday, January 07, 2011

All the colours of the rainbow

Friday, January 07, 2011

Last year I was very kindly invited to visit Sane Communications to take a peek at their brands Spring Summer collections.  I hope this doesn't sound like I'm completely sucking up because I like to be honest in my ramblings!  I loved it all.  Every single bit, every brand, every button and every colour of the rainbow that I had the pleasure of viewing.  It didn't matter that the brands were predominantly for men (I'm at my happiest in an oversize shirt/jumper and brogues).  I'll be going into a bit more detail about exactly what I saw in later posts but for now I leave you with a little colourful preview.

Lavenham jackets and gilets (love that Liberty lining)
Ben Sherman desert boots


little lyzi said...

Gorgeous bright colours :) just what my eyes needed on this dull day xxx

Hope Ava said...

I'm loving those cheerful colors...I seem to have very abruptly shifted from silvery winter enthusiasm to a new obsession with happy spring colors. I'm busily working away on my own little spring summer collection...pinks, corals, yellows and aqua! I love your birdy medal from the previous post... I've been working with vintage medals and ribbons as an inspiration too.

Hope Ava