Marvellous Mary

By Unknown - 5:30 PM

I've always been wary of becoming pretentious about art.  I mean in the sense that you might visit a gallery, stand in front of a painting and loudly proclaim "ah yes, the red transcends the overall landscape of the sartorial references...blah blah blah."

For me something becomes a piece of art when it moves me.  It makes me look, and I mean really look, at what is in front of me and wonder how someone could have created it.

This is how I view Mary Katrantzou's pieces.  And I call them pieces because that is exactly what they are.  Just spend a few minutes looking at one of her dresses and lose yourself in the patterns and the amount of work that must have gone into creating them.  I marvel at it and more importantly, her clothes make me smile.  I spend most of my day either in front of a book researching, my sketchbook or most commonly the computer screen drawing in Photoshop and Illustrator so I know the level of detail and the long hours that must have been spent creating each and every item of clothing.  

My illustration really can't do them justice but it was a fun challenge to complete anyway.

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