By LittleDoodles - 2:07 PM

So...I've finally got around to starting a blog. I think I have to begin with an admission, eep, we're onto guilty admissions already! I'm guilty of what I've recently discovered is called "lurking." Yep, I'm one of those people who reads a wealth of blogs but rarely leaves a message of appreciation. It's only recently that I've started to leave little comments and I'm not sure what it was that stopped me before but I've now taken the first step on the road to...well...lurking recovery! I think it's the fact that I get so much inspiration from this online community of crafty, arty and plain beautiful blogs that people so lovingly write. I've stumbled upon links of great inspiration to me and this is what I hope to pass on to others. So, like I said, I've taken the first step, it's a little scary but here goes!

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