Window shopping - Sweden

By LittleDoodles - 12:42 PM

So it really seems like I want to be anywhere but home right now, judging by my previous post (and I'm sure a few more to come) I want to shop my way around the world! Unfortunately I can't so I'm going to make do with a bit of internet window shopping (or would that be monitor shopping?). Here are some delights from around the world...

Karin Eriksson's beautiful ceramics are just gorgeous and I'm addicted to her blog too! Hers is one of those websites that I tend to come away from feeling inspired and encouraged to create something.

As an illustration student (not something I've mentioned yet but don't worry, I'm sure there will be plenty of elaboration later) I often find myself spending ages trawling the internet, hopping from link to link of inspirational artists, whether they be ceramicists like Karin or illustrators such as Camilla Engman. I've been a big fan of her work for a while now and love its simple beauty. Again, I am a fan of her blog too and particularly enjoy seeing photos of her cutie of a dog Morran.

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