Lovely Lavenham

By LittleDoodles - 9:37 AM

Ah Winter, we meet again.  As someone who feels the cold almost constantly (I'd strap hot water bottles to myself if I could) half of me dreads winter coming around.  But the other half wholeheartedly embraces it because it means a spot of winter wardrobe shopping. Wooly tights, chunky knits and bobble hats galore always somehow fall into shivering little hands.  

However the one item that always takes me longer than it should to find is a coat.  It's a tricky item to buy because I need something that keeps me toasty but that also doesn't make me resemble a mini Michelin Man.  

And so the Big Coat Hunt 2010 begins today, starting with Lavenham.

Not only does the quilted aspect of these appeal to me but it's also the choice between muted and jewel like colours, Liberty print lining and quintessential English character to them.  Their Spring Summer look book totally drew me in mainly because this is exactly how I dress (although swap the socks for million denier thick tights) right down to the shiny brogues.

I wonder if I could modify these with a huge inner pocket to slip that hot water bottle into?!

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