Friday, March 26, 2010

For the Boys, Take Two

As Peacocks Hat mentioned on my last post, everything was a little on the pricey side. I suppose that's why I put them in the Gimme Gimme Gimme category, because they're more aspirational than anything. So I've put together another (equally covetable!) version that is a lot more appealing to me, and hopefully you, pricewise!

Uniqlo: Cotton crew neck sweater
Dylon: White fabric paint
John Lewis: Bow tie
ASOS: Suede brogue shoes
Topman: Grey marl jersey cardigan
Emma Ferguson: Tattoo brooch
New Look: Mens hooded duffle jacket
Ally Capellino: Tate shopper

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.Sarah . Kathleen. said...

hi there :)
I sent you an email yesterday regarding how spectacular your bird drawings are (the post was from August of 08). I don't know how often you check your email... so I decided to comment as well.
I am a photographer from California, and I was google-image-searching for some inspiration for a new logo... and I came across your work. The last thing I would ever do is use someone else's art without asking permission first or giving credit. Sooooo.... would you mind if I used a couple of your creations in the process of creating a logo for myself? You would get full credit of course :)

Thank you.

Peacock's Hat said...

Once again, all beautiful :)

dan said...

hehe!! much better prices and love the suggestions (fabric paint, heart brooch) very cool ^^
think that it's a great idea to show alternative versions of the aspiring range!

Nishant said...

its gorgeous
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