By LittleDoodles - 2:22 PM

I noticed a post on this special edition Dom Perignon cooler by Marc Newson over at Luxist and it got me thinking about how design can pervade every area of life...I guess that's a given but it just reminded me of how everyday things like drinks bottles can now be "designer items" or even collectables like these limited edition Coke bottles they brought out a couple of years ago (by Manalo Blahnik and Matthew Williamson).

Plus, I spotted this cute Vodka in several magazines a couple of months ago...although there's something about dressing up alcohol as a toy that's probably a little bit off (not that you hear me comlaining, I'd definately have one of those on my shelf!)

And finally, these bottles by Kauffman Vodka just looked so gorgeous, very sculptural and jewellery like for an alcohol bottle don't you think? I think they'd be perfectly paired with the new tumblers by Artel glass, just wonderful!

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