Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A little help?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Ooh, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I've spent the last month or so researching ideas for my final year major project and I'm left feeling overwhelmed yet underwhelmed...I've accumulated a wealth of images and inspirations but am still feeling slightly clueless about what I'm actually going to produce. It has to be illustration based but otherwise it's completely up to me what I create. Now my main idea was to create some kind of illustrated catalogue for a shop like Topshop, Selfridges or Liberty. That way I could draw all of the things I hold a passion for; clothing, accessories, jewellery, make up and homewares. However, after trying to contact all of these shops I've been left with no replies...so frustrating! So I'm reaching out to the blog community, does anyone have any links with these or similar companies? All I would want to do is draw the products they sell...nothing more, so on their part it's really no work at all. Some other ideas are still floating around my mind, mainly creating some sort of storybook (possibly based around the themes I mentioned earlier) or trend guide which reads like a childs story for adults. What does everyone think? Any ideas? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a nice creative director for a shop will get back to me imminently...I think my hopes are too high!


atelier455 said...

Your ideas sound great! What approach have you taken to trying to contact these stores - via the press office or another route? I have an email address for a Topshop press officer and would be happy to give the email address to you - you can find my contact details on my blog.

You might have more luck trying a smaller boutique or even an online one like mirrormirror - you can reach Paola at mirrormirror via her blog.

kstyle said...

Check out happy mundane's post yesterday. About a great blog where owner illustrates something she purchases every day. From a bottle of aspirin to pair of shoes. very clever. maybe you could evolve a similar concept.

Abigail said...

All your ideas sound great....really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

If you have so far emailed or written to these stores...try getting on the phone!! I understand how hard this can be, and I really dislike doing it myself..but from my experience, emails and letters just go to the bottom of a really big pile. If you call....you have to be dealt with then and there, and can forge relationships much faster. Even in more friendly stores like Liberty...head in and chat to the staff and ask for names/direct email or telephone numbers for their department heads. Often the buyer will actaully be in the department and you will be able to get stuck right in and speak to them.....

good luck!! xx

shoobydoo said...

Thank you for all of the advice! I actually managed to speak to some companies yesterday at the London Fashion Week exhibition who said I could draw some of their products. It's a good step forward but I'm still on the search for more. I'm going again tomorrow so my fingers are crossed!