By Kate Wilson - 6:29 AM

I did a bit more research into the Japanese sweets I posted about earlier, known as Wagashi. According to the English website (which for some reason I completely bypassed the first time around) "wa" means Japanese and the characters for "gashi" mean confections. According to the website

"One of the greatest fascinations in wagashi is their potential for appealing to much more than just the sense of taste. Wagashi are an invitation to indulge all five senses and to experience a taste of Japan."

I love the idea that they are meant to appeal to every sense, I'm sure it increases the enjoyment of eating. The shapes, colours and designs are apparently influenced by Japanese literature, paintings and textiles creating a real feast for the eyes.

Here are a few more examples found through Flickr

By Giantjeansparlor

By Noriko

By Jmsmytaste

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